Big Spoon vs. Little Spoon: What Position Is Best

Big Spoon vs. Little Spoon: What Position Is Best

Spooning is a position that can be described as a side hug between two people. It’s when two people lie on their sides facing the same direction. The back of one person is pressed against the other’s chest. The person behind, aka the Big Spoon, wraps their arm around the person in front, aka the Little Spoon.

Spooning is very popular among couples. When you sleep with your partner, are you the big spoon or the little spoon? Do you each take turns cuddling in both positions?

For some people, spooning with a partner is their favorite position. For others, they prefer other cuddling positions.

It doesn’t matter which position you take. What matters are your comfort and preferences for sleeping beside a partner.

If you want the ultimate sleep experience when snuggled up with a partner, try the SONU Sleep System. SONU’s system was designed with couples in mind — wrap one arm around your partner while the other arm sinks into the patented Comfort Channel, taking pressure off your arm and shoulder and enabling you to spoon all night long.

Keep reading to learn more about being the big spoon versus the little spoon.

What Are the Benefits of Spooning?

Spooning is not just a form of cuddling between two people. Did you know that it’s good for your mental health?

There are various benefits to cuddling. Here are a few.

More Intimacy

Spooning, and cuddling, in general, can bring you closer to your partner. It can help you form a bond and build trust with each other. Couples who spoon tend to be happier in their relationships than those who do not. Spooning can give them a sense of safety with each other that they may not feel in other aspects of their lives.

Less Stress

Spooning with a loved one can help release oxytocin, the “happy” hormone. As a result, couples who spoon may feel their symptoms of stress and anxiety decrease when they are physically touching their partner in this way. We could all use less stress and anxiety in our relationships!

Stronger Immune System

Spooning can help you prevent sickness. Simple touch has been shown to improve the immune system and protect people from various illnesses. People who hug tend to have a stronger defense against contracting the common cold. Who would’ve thought?

Lower Blood Pressure

Spooning with a loved one could help lower your blood pressure levels, and it can be especially helpful during moments of stress. Embracing your partner can give you a feeling of safety, which in turn keeps your blood pressure from elevating. Lower blood pressure also reduces your risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

Better Sleep

Spooning with your partner can help you sleep better. In a study of 90 couples, people in the spooning position fell asleep easily due to an increased sense of intimacy. If you are someone who cannot sleep while physically touching another person, you can still end up sleeping better if you spoon with your partner for a little while before bedtime.

What Are Some Different Ways To Spoon?

If you want to mix up the way you spoon, try having one partner lie on their back while the other places their head on that partner’s chest. You can then wrap your arms around each other and embrace.

It’s possible to spoon while facing each other as well. To do this, the little spoon gets in the fetal position, and the big spoon embraces them.

Should You Be the Big Spoon or the Little Spoon?

The key differences between the big spoon and little spoon positions are who is being embraced and who is doing the embracing. It doesn’t matter which partner takes on which position. Ask yourself, “Do I want to be held, or do I want to do the holding?”

Being the big spoon can make someone feel like they are protecting their partner. If you’re the little spoon, you may feel safe and supported in your partner’s arms.

If you are prone to shoulder or arm pain, you’re probably better off being the little spoon. As the little spoon, you may be lying on your partner’s arm, which could cause it to go numb, experience pain, or become stiff.

One way to prevent this is to invest in SONU’s negative space mattress.


After reading this article, which position do you prefer? The big spoon or the little spoon?

Whether you’re the big spoon or the little spoon doesn’t matter. What matters are the benefits you gain from cuddling in this position, like increased intimacy, boosted immune systems, and lower stress levels.

Spooning couples will love the SONU Sleep System. Never before has a mattress included a patented Comfort Channel that helps alleviate pressure from your necks, shoulders, and arms. And each mattress even comes with four adjustable pillows, so you and your partner can maximize your sleep experience.

Don’t be shy. Visit today and check out the SONU Sleep System.


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