Caffeine Naps: Promising Science on Productivity

Caffeine Naps: Promising Science on Productivity

Being able to take a nap to reenergize is something we have probably all tried. A few minutes of shut-eye during the day can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you are looking for a much-needed productivity boost, a unique type of nap called the “caffeine nap” may be able to help.

Caffeine naps are a new trend that has built up quite the buzz. Essentially, if you time a little caffeine intake correctly before your nap, it may give you an energy boost by the time you wake up. The science behind caffeine naps is still being researched, but the benefits seem promising. 

Curious to learn how caffeine naps work? SONU Sleep can help shed some light on including caffeine as part of your power naps routine.  

Why Should You Consider Power Naps?

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to taking an effective nap. First, studies show that at least a 20-minute nap is required to feel more energetic. If your goal is to wake up feeling refreshed and energetic, then this type of nap can be a great option.

However, if you're looking for even more productivity during the day, a power nap combined with caffeine consumption can help you feel more energized with just a little bit of sleep. If you drink caffeine regularly, it is possible you can still get a caffeine buzz without the crash when taking a power nap.

What Is a Caffeine Nap?

To start, let's define what a caffeine nap is. It's pretty simple: drink some coffee and take a quick snooze. Properly timed, the caffeine kicks in as you wake up from your nap. 

Hello alertness and energy, goodbye grogginess.  

Caffeinated naps are a great way to recharge your batteries so you can get more done during the day.

Now that we have covered the basics let’s cover the science behind how caffeine naps work.

The Science Behind Caffeine Naps

Research has shown that caffeine naps are more effective than caffeine or sleep alone. Here are some studies that explore the ins and outs of caffeine naps:

  • Recent studies showed that a caffeine nap was more effective than coffee or tea alone to help restore energy levels and support cognitive function. The study also found that a caffeine nap is more effective than simply resting without sleeping (think lying down and taking a quick social media scroll).
  • Research from Loughborough University Sleep Research Centre showed similar results: napping with caffeine was much more effective at restoring energy levels than either drinking lots of coffee or just staying awake all day. This study also outlined that it took less time to feel refreshed after a caffeine nap than drinking coffee alone.
  • NASA found that astronauts who took a caffeine nap were less fatigued and performed better than those who just had coffee or napped alone. 

How To Take a Caffeine Nap

The trick to the perfect caffeine nap is timing. You’ll want the caffeine to kick in before your power nap ends. If you time out your caffeine nap perfectly, then you’ll be well on your way to feeling more energized. But, caffeine naps can also leave you feeling groggy if the caffeine wears kicks in before you've had a chance to fully rest.

As a rule of thumb, avoid drinking caffeinated beverages after lunch if you plan on napping in the early afternoon. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t consume too much caffeine, or the nap won't be nearly as effective. 

Ready to try the caffeine nap for yourself? Here's how:

  1. Make sure you’re in the head state to fall asleep as soon as you lie down. You can settle your mind by meditating, listening to calming music, and putting yourself in a dark room. 
  2. Drink a caffeinated beverage (coffee, black or green tea, or an energy drink) right before you go down for the nap. 
  3. Set an alarm for 15-20 minutes — no sooner, no later — and get to snoozing. 
  4. Wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the rest of your day!

Caffeine naps are ideal for night owls, who often find themselves wide awake at the end of their workdays. 

Can’t decide if you want to try a caffeine nap? Let’s look more closely at the pros and cons of a caffeine nap to help you decide. 

Pros of Caffeine Naps

The benefits of caffeine naps can help you take on the rest of your day. In addition to boosting productivity, a caffeine nap can also help you:

  • Stay alert
  • Support cognitive function
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Increase creativity

The best part is that it's easy to do — all you need is a caffeinated drink and a quiet, comfy place to lie down.

Cons of Caffeine Naps

There are some cons to keep in mind if you are looking to try a caffeine nap. 

  • It can leave you feeling jittery and anxious if you drink too much caffeine or take a “caff nap” on an empty stomach. 
  • Drinking caffeinated drinks can increase your heart rate. If you don’t fall asleep right away, that caffeine can kick in and prevent you from getting shut-eye at all, leaving you more tired than when you started.
  • Coffee nap enthusiasts also warn that the napping/caffeine combo can be addictive. It's best to limit yourself to one “nappuccino” per week, and to ensure that you’re still getting a quality 8 hours of sleep each night. 

When Should You Take a Coffee Nap?

The best time to take a caffeine nap is when you feel the need for a productivity boost or if you are feeling particularly tired. 

Are you struggling to stay focused in the afternoon or evening? A caffeine nap can be a great way to get your energy levels back up. 

Still not sure if a coffee nap is right for you? Start by experimenting with different times of day to find what works best for your schedule. 

If you feel like a coffee nap isn't giving you the energy boost you need, then a coffee nap might not be enough to make up for the causes of your low energy. 

Additional Ways To Increase Your Energy

Besides caffeine naps, exercise is a great way to energize your body and mind. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good and can help boost your energy levels. 

In addition to exercise, eating a balanced diet can help sustain your energy — if you’re loading up on simple carbs and junk food, you’re not giving your body the nutrients it needs for healthy energy production. 

Another tool people use to boost productivity during the day is meditation. People who meditate are known to feel more refreshed. It allows them to get through a busy day without feeling tired or burnt out as they give their mind a little breathing room between intensive tasks.

Are You Ready To Power Nap?

Overall, a caffeine-fueled power nap is an easy way to increase your energy levels. It's an easy way to get a caffeine fix and take a quick nap simultaneously.

Try taking your power naps to the next level with the SONU Sleep System. Made for optimal comfort and support, your power naps will have you feeling more refreshed than ever.

If you’re really looking to keep your energy and productivity levels at an all-time high,  try adding exercise, a healthy diet, and meditation into your regular routine. All of these activities can help you feel more refreshed and alert while improving your productivity. 

Next time you're feeling a little sluggish, give the caffeine nap a try! You may be surprised at how well it works!


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