iPad Holder for Bed: The 12 Most Innovative Holders

iPad Holder for Bed: The 12 Most Innovative Holders

Some people like to use their iPads to work or consume media in bed. The iPad is a convenient tablet that’s easy to hold. Some people prefer to hold theirs in their hands, and others prefer to use some sort of stand to hold the tablet.

There are many stands available to purchase. Some are the usual suspects — straightforward iPad stands that you can purchase at top retailers. Others may surprise you.

Keep reading and discover some of the top iPad holders to use in bed, and how the SONU Sleep System is making waves.

1. Pillow Pad

First up is the Pillow Pad Foldaway holder from Bed Bath & Beyond. Probably one of the most unique items on our list, the Pillow Pad Foldaway is a cushioned tablet holder that folds at multiple angles. It’s like a pillow that holds your favorite tablet, smartphone, e-reader, magazine, or book.

The Pillow Pad Foldaway is covered in soft, stain-resistant polyurethane and polyester. It weighs 1.98 lbs and can hold up to five pounds. To put the holder away, you simply fold it up and put it somewhere that you can easily access it when you’re ready to use it. It normally retails for $19.99, but Bed Bath & Beyond is currently selling the holder at 20% off.

2. UGG Dawson Tipped Faux Fur Tablet Pouf

Next is another product from Bed Bath & Beyond: the UGG Dawson Tipped Faux Fur Tablet Pouf. The name may be long, but the pouf itself is simple. Unlike the Pillow Pad, this is a pillow made to hold your favorite tablet.

The tablet pouf will hold up any of your small electronic devices from any angle. It’s designed with the fluff and plushness of the traditional UGG design, and it comes with a small pocket on the side that you can store your smartphone in.

You can use this iPad holder on your bed, desk, table, or sofa. It’s made of 100% polyester and needs to be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. The pouf is 13” L x 13” W x 13” H, and it weighs in at 2.75 lbs. It currently sells for $19.99.

3. Moko Tablet Pillow Stand

The MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand has been rated over 3,000 times, and it has received 4.5 stars on Amazon. It can fit tablets up to 11 inches in height, and it comes in 13 different colors, including Sea Blue, Khaki, Pink, Plum, and Turquoise.

The MoKo Tablet Pillow Stand is made of linen and cotton, two of the most comfortable materials you can use. It has two small pockets on either side of the stand where you can put charging cables, stylus pens, or headphones.

Hang out with your iPad on this great holder on your knees, bed, table, desk, or lounge chair. It’s also a good choice to take on the road with you if you’re a passenger or have other passengers, like kids, that need entertainment. It retails for $24.99.

4. Rain Design iRest Lap Stand for iPad

If you like sitting up in bed to use your iPad, then this stand might be for you. The iRest Lap Stand for iPad is simplistic in design, but it serves its purpose. It can hold tablets of varying sizes from the iPad Mini to the iPad Pro and the iPad Air.

The stand is adjustable, so you can push it down closer to your knees or pull it up towards you for better viewing. Although it only weighs 0.9 lb, it can hold devices up to five lbs.

The iRest Lap Stand is made of plastic and aluminum. Its measurements are 3.0” H x 13.75” W x 9.0” D. Amazon sells the stand for $44.91.

5. NYTSTND Quad Tray

The NYTSTND Quad Tray is different from the other products on this list, but it still serves the same purpose. The tray can simultaneously hold your iPad while charging other devices. You can set it on the side of your bed or your nightstand and watch your favorite videos while your phone, AirPods, and Apple Watch are charging on the same stand.

The quick-charging station is made of premium leather and Amish sourced wood. It uses a USB-C connector that is featured on current Apple products. The tray charges devices using MagSafe, a magnetic technology that charges devices fast. Wireless charging is also possible with the Quad Tray.

The Quad Tray is 9” x 11.4” x 0.8” and weighs 1.35 lbs. It is protected from overpressure, overcurrent, and overheating. This all-in-one charging tray is currently available for $234.

6. Samhouse Tablet Stand for Bed

Here’s a twist: how about a tablet holder that’s an extendable arm attached to your headboard? That’s what you get with this tablet stand from Samhouse.

Go completely hands-free when you use this stand. It has a 360-degree rotating head that can hold devices between 4” and 11”. It’s perfect for holding your tablet, iPhone, e-reader, or another device.

Lay back in bed and position the aluminum stand directly above you at the perfect angle. Stream endless hours of entertainment from the comfort of your bed.

The Samhouse Tablet Stand for Bed is $27.99.

7. Walmart Multi-Angle Soft Tablet iPad Stand Holder

Walmart offers an affordable tablet holder that can sit on your bed, floor, desk, lap, or sofa. You can move it to view content from multiple angles, whether you are in a chair or on your bed.

The lightweight and portable tablet holder securely holds your iPad, phone, or other devices. You can even use it to prop up a book or other document while you’re working.

The holder is made of firm yet cushioned foam covered in slip-resistant polyester. The cover is also machine washable. The tablet holder is 11.75” x 9” x 9.15”.

Walmart currently sells the Multi-Angle Soft Tablet Holder for $16.95.

8. Bastex Universal Tablet Bed Frame Holder Stand

Another popular holder from Walmart is the Bastex tablet holder. This product has adjustable brackets that can go from 5.25” to 8” in height, and it can hold the latest generation of iPads.

Unlike the other holders we’ve mentioned, this one has legs and stands on your bed. The fact that you can adjust it means you can watch it sitting up in bed or lying down with your head propped on some pillows.

The Bastex tablet holder has two clamps that securely hold your tablet in place, and the triangular legs keep the stand sturdy so it won’t wobble on your bed.

You can buy the Bastex Universal Tablet Bed Frame Holder Stand for $16.88 on Walmart’s website.

9. Caddie Buddy iPad Mount

The iPad Mount from Caddie Buddy is ideal for use in bed, on your desk, or at the table. The stand has a flexible gooseneck that can hold your iPad up for as long as you use it. If you want an even higher view, you can fit the mount onto just about any tripod.

The mount is described as “the simplest and most secure on the market.” It holds your device with four spring-loaded arms. You can attach and remove your tablet from those arms with ease.

The iPad mount comes with a free clamp that you can use on tray tables, desks, counters, or other areas that allow you to add a clamp. You can even clamp it to your baby’s crib to play their favorite soothing music or other content to help them relax.

If you don’t want to lay it on your bed, the mount fits comfortably on your lap. It comes in different sizes according to the model of your iPad. There’s a mount for everything from the 12.9” iPad Pro to the iPad Full.

You can enjoy the Caddie Buddy iPad Mount now for the price of $55.95.

10. Tablift Flexible Universal Tablet Stand

The Tablift flexible universal tablet stand from Grommet is the perfect hands-free holder with bendable legs that fit right over your hips, forming an arch while you are sitting or lying down to use your iPad. You can lie completely flat and still be able to see your tablet.

Whether you’re on your bed or your couch, the Tablift meets your eye level. You don’t have to strain your neck to look at your device anymore.

When you’re ready to put the Tablift away, fold its legs and put it in a drawer or wherever you keep your devices. It fits full-size iPads and iPad minis best.

The Tablift is 3.75” x 1.5” x 2,” and weighs 2.1 lbs. Since it’s made out of plastic, vinyl, rubber, and metal, you can simply use a dry cloth to clean it.

The Tablift has over 900 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. It sells for $39.95.

11. Foldable Desk Floor Stand Lazy Bed Tablet Holder

The Fruugo Foldable Desk Floor Stand Lazy Bed Tablet Holder can be used wherever you like. It folds up into a neatly compact size that is easily put away in your bag. The legs on the stand can rotate 360 degrees and have adjustable joints.

The stand is made of plastic and aluminum, and the legs auto-lock, giving you a secure place to attach your tablet. Adjust the head of the stand for your comfort and visibility and give your neck a rest from straining.

The Foldable Desk Floor Stand can hold your iPad, iPhone, or other devices. Fruugo provides easy instructions explaining how to fold up and put the stand away when you are done with it.

Get this tablet holder now for $48.95.

12. The SONU Sleep Negative Space Mattress

This option just might surprise you. While the rest of our list included accessories to hold your iPad in bed, the SONU Sleep System is an actual mattress itself.

The SONU negative space mattress is made for people who enjoy side sleeping, but it's also great for people who want to hold their iPads, books, or other devices while lying in bed.

With the patented features including the negative space Comfort Channel, Support Pillows, Sink-in Support, the SONU Sleep System can finally help you get the sleep your body has always needed.

The Comfort Channel system has an ergonomic structure built into the SONU mattress that provides you with the necessary amount of negative space for your arms to immerse below the surface of the mattress.

This structure provides ideal support for your arm, hand and wrist to hold up your iPad, smart device or book. This relieves pressure from your hand and wrist, allowing you to read in elevated comfort for as long as you desire.

You can purchase the SONU negative space mattress with $0 down, 0% APR and payments of as low as $84/month with Affirm financing.


We hope you find this list of iPad holders for bed useful. There’s something on this list for everybody.

If the SONU negative space mattress is speaking your language, visit SONUsleep.com today to get an overview of the available mattress sizes, pricing, and customer benefits.

While you’re at it, check out the SONU Sleep blog for more information about the negative space mattress and other topics.


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