Moving a Mattress: 4 Steps That'll Make Moving Easy

Moving a Mattress: 4 Steps That'll Make Moving Easy

If you surveyed people and asked them how they liked the moving process, a majority of them would probably say that it’s a pain. Honestly, it can be. The process isn’t made any easier when you have big furniture pieces to move, like a mattress.

Maneuvering a mattress in and out of your home can be tricky. If you have a large mattress like a queen or king, your job is made even harder.

You might wonder if moving a mattress is worth the hassle. It is when you have a mattress that molds to your body, like the negative space mattress from SONU Sleep.

Follow these steps to make the mattress-moving process go smoothly, and learn how to properly store your mattress.

What Tools Do I Need To Move a Mattress?

Before you start the moving process, you will need to gather a number of supplies to help you transport your mattress. You may own some of them already. If not, most can be purchased at your local retailer or hardware store.

Mattress Bag

Most mattress bags are clear, thick plastic bags with the same dimensions as standard mattress sizes. Mattress bags protect your mattress from being damaged during the moving process.

They will also keep your mattress clean and protected from dust and bugs in a storage unit. For extra protection, enclose your mattress in two mattress bags.


Even though many mattress bags come with zippers, you may still need some tape to secure yours shut. The best tape to use would be packing or duct tape. When taping the mattress, start by covering the ends or openings, then wrap the tape around the mattress horizontally and vertically.

Ratchet Straps or Ropes

Ratchet straps, also known as tie-downs, are available at most hardware stores. They are fairly inexpensive. These nifty straps can be used to tie down a variety of items, including cargo on vehicles. They use hooks and fasteners to close themselves securely, taking away the need to tie knots.

If you prefer to use ropes to tie down your cargo, shoot for poly ropes. These braided ropes are extra strong and near impossible to tear apart.


Having scissors around may come in handy. You might need them to cut the tape you’re using.

A Friend or Hired Help

Okay, this last one isn’t exactly a “tool,” but having a friend on hand to help you move can make a big difference. Though it is technically possible, we don’t generally recommend that you try to move your mattress without any help.

If one or more of your friends can’t help you move your mattress, considering hiring some movers.

How Can I Move a Mattress?

Once you have gathered your supplies and enlisted help, you’ll be ready to move your mattress. Follow these steps, and the process of moving your mattress will be much easier.

1. Clear the Area

Moving a mattress out of a room can take up a lot of space. It’s best to clear the area where you will be working before you start packing the mattress up. Clear your pathway and the surrounding area of any possible obstructions first so you won’t have to worry about it after the fact. A clear workspace and pathway give you more room to move your mattress.

2. Put the Mattress in the Mattress Bag

Doing this may take two people, at least. Open your mattress bag and slide the opening over the end of your mattress horizontally. Then, with help, gently slide the remainder of the cover over the mattress. One person may need to raise the mattress a little for the cover to slide on all the way.

3. Seal the Mattress Bag

This is where scissors and tape come in handy. Zip the mattress bag if it has zippers. If not, folder the opening of the cover over and tape it down. Proceed to wrap the tape around the rest of the mattress to secure it so it won’t slip out of the bag.

4. Carry Out and Load the Mattress

With the help of your friend(s) or movers, make sure the mattress is turned over onto its side. With one person leading and the other following, have one person pick up the front of the mattress while the other picks up the back.

Slowly carry the mattress out of the room and home and onto the vehicle you will be loading it in. Gently load the mattress onto the back of the vehicle you’re using to transport it.

How Can I Transport a Mattress?

Different types of vehicles can be used to transport a mattress between locations. Never transport your mattress standing up or on its side; it should always lay flat.

Here’s how to load a mattress in or on different vehicles.


Many people rent moving vans when they are moving to new homes. However, if you are only transporting your mattress, you may be able to load it into a standard minivan.

Either way, you will need to ensure that the bed or back of the van is clear. In a minivan, you will likely need to remove the seats in order to fit your mattress inside.

Pickup or Other Truck

Load the mattress onto the truck’s bed and lay it flat. You should secure the mattress so that it does not fly off the back of the truck when it is being driven. Loading and unloading trucks is fairly easy when compared to other vehicles.


What if all you’re left with is your average sedan?

It’s still possible to carry your mattress to its new location with a small car. All you will need to do is secure the mattress to the top of your vehicle with some straps/tie-downs or rope.

Ensure that your ropes or straps are long enough before you load the mattress onto the vehicle; usually, 16 to 17 feet is enough. Tie the ropes or connect the straps under the bottom of your car and through the back passenger windows.

How Should I Secure a Mattress?

Securing your mattress is extremely important. For example, if you are using a truck, not securing the mattress will leave it vulnerable to falling off the truck’s bed. With other vehicles, you need to secure the mattress, so it does not move around when someone is driving.

The best tool to secure a mattress on the floor/bed of a truck or top of a car is with ratchet straps. The mattress should always lay flat. Before driving off, make sure the straps are closed properly and that the mattress is secure.

When you are driving with a mattress in tow, be aware that accidents, inclement weather, or other distractions are all possibilities. Drive slowly and obey all traffic signs. Monitor your side and rearview mirrors frequently and look out for erratic drivers.

What Are Some Mattress Moving Alternatives?

Some people don’t want to deal with the pain of moving their own mattress, and that is okay. That is why there are other ways to transport mattresses between locations. Here are some other options for people who do not want to move their mattresses themselves.

Hire Movers

The most common way to have your mattress moved is to hire professional movers. This will usually include at least two people who are either independent contractors or employees of a moving company. The movers may use a moving container or typical moving van to transport your mattress to its new home.

Either way, you should feel confident that your mattress will arrive at its destination safely if you are using professional movers.

Ship It

If you don’t want to hire movers, you can have your mattress shipped. This is the best option for people who are sending their mattress to a far away location. Most likely, you will still need to package up your mattress for shipping.

If you have a bed-in-a-box, you can partially compress and roll it for moving in an SUV or pickup truck.

How Should I Properly Store a Mattress?

Storing a mattress incorrectly can lead to damage. Items in storage are often subject to mold, pests, dust, and structural damage. To prevent all of this from happening, you need to store your mattress the right way. Doing this can extend the life of your mattress.

Where To Store a Mattress

A climate-controlled, indoor storage unit is the best place to store your mattress. Units that are not climate-controlled put your mattress at risk for mold. The ideal climate-controlled storage facility will keep the humidity below 50%.

Keep It Flat

Storing a mattress on its side can make it lose its shape and functionality. This is why it’s best to lay mattresses flat in storage. If you’ve invested in a high-quality mattress like the SONU, you’ll want to store it properly to protect your investment.

If you are storing your bed frame intact, it’s good to lay your mattress on top of it for long-term storage. Avoid laying the mattress directly on the floor, as this will subject it to dirt.

If you have no choice but to store your mattress on its side, you should rotate it every few months. Doing this will help it maintain its shape and durability.

Air It Out

Before storing your mattress, clean it. You can clean a mattress by vacuuming it. A vacuum will suck up the debris hidden in the folds of your mattress.

If you want your mattress to be extra fresh, you can steam clean it or use an upholstery cleaner to spot clean. Ensure that the mattress is completely dry before it goes into storage, because dampness can lead to mildew or mold.

When your mattress eventually comes out of storage, you will want to repeat the cleaning process. Vacuum the mattress and allow it to sit uncovered for a few hours to air out.


See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? All it takes to move a mattress are four easy steps: 1) clear the surrounding area, 2) put the mattress in a mattress bag, 3) seal it, and 4) load it. The process doesn't feel overwhelming when you look at it that way.

Storage is always an option if you aren’t ready to use your mattress right away. Picking the right storage unit is key, along with how you position your mattress for long-term storage. That way, when your mattress eventually comes out, you’ll be able to enjoy it as if it's good as new.

SONU Sleep makes mattresses that are durable and innovative. The negative space mattress with the patented Comfort Channel is made with 26 highly resilient foams, and it allows sleepers full range of motion within the mattress. With the proper care, your SONU mattress can last you a lifetime!

All SONU mattresses come with a five-year warranty. Read more about what is covered in the warranty and review tips for handling your SONU mattress properly.


Do I have to use a mattress bag when moving my mattress?

If you want to protect your mattress from dirt, damage, and other issues, it’s best to use a mattress bag or two. These bags will help keep out dust and pests and shield your mattress from wear and tear during the moving process.

Why can’t I store my mattress on its side?

Storing your mattress on its side can damage it. The mattress may become misshapen and saggy the longer you have it in storage. If you have no choice but to store it on its side, rotate it from time to time.

What vehicle is best for transporting a mattress?

You can use almost any vehicle to transport a mattress. The most common are moving trucks/vans, pickup trucks, minivans, and even cars like sedans.

What qualifies me for a SONU Mattress Warranty?

SONU Sleep’s Mattress Warranty applies to mattresses purchased directly from SONU. Mattresses purchased via third parties are not covered by this policy.

Where can I learn more about SONU Sleep’s Mattress Warranty and other policies?

You can read SONU’s entire Mattress Warranty policy and other information online at your convenience.


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